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"Wonderful Creative Working Experience" @ Write Yourself

Write Yourself: A Self-Care for Writers of All Kinds is back at Hope Springs, August 12-15, 2021!

If you are wanting, or perhaps yearning, to reconnect to the passions feeding your writing, if you are wishing you had ample time to devote to your project, if you'd like to write in the lush landscape of Hope Springs and with the company of others (your choice whether you want to share your actual writing or not), check out what past writers have said about this unique self-care focused writing retreat:

"The Write Yourself retreat was a wonderful creative working experience for me. The self-care and writing process activities facilitated by Michelle Rivera-Clonch sparked my creative process and helped me attain greater clarity for my writing project. I broke through several barriers that were blocking my ability to finish my academic piece. I will be returning again and again for this retreat!"

- Cindy S., Novelist, Essayist, and PhD Candidate

"The Write Yourself writing retreat by Michelle Rivera-Clonch was a transcendent experience. Her expertise and guidance helped me propel my novel forward with grace, gentleness and peace. I highly recommend it.

- Kristy Sensenig, Novelist

"What a gift! This retreat explored ways our daily life can help support our creative work. I would recommend 'Write Yourself' to anyone who wants to dive deeper into their writing."

- Robert B., Poet

To learn more about the program and to register, click here.

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