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Leave your Legacy, while supporting future generations.

Living Legacy Grove

a Forest Reparations Project

The forests and meadows of our land at Hope Springs tell their story of extractive economy. Human impact has dramatically changed our forest landscape and its natural diversity.


The Living Legacy Grove Project is an act of reparations for the land. It is a giving back of diverse native trees from those of us who have committed to stewarding her.


By sponsoring a section of The Grove, you are actively repairing and restoring reciprocity between people and the land. On top of this, you will become a Legacy Holder with the invitation to document your Hope Springs Story for those who come to know her in the future.


Help us hold the legacy of community and right relationship. Become a Legacy Holder today.


The Living Legacy Grove is an initiative of our long-term strategic plan Build Hope for the Future. Its goal is to put our values to the test, driving innovative action towards the regeneration of life for years to come.

Why this Project is Important

Get Involved

The work of reforestation, particularly of mature trees, is tender work.


We know it is worth it, and we need our community to help us make it happen. The land deserves it, and we can't wait to have a sacred space to honor the legacy of our 25+ years of peace and healing work!

Become a Legacy Holder by contributing to the project, and leave your legacy on the land for generations to come.

Your Impact

1. Eradicate invasive grass

2. Reintroduce biodiversity

3. Support a balanced mixed mesophytic forest

4. Combat rising ground temperatures

5. Honor the Legacy: Not only will we support a healthy and diverse forest, but The Living Legacy Grove will become a sacred space at Hope Springs, naming and telling the story of our community of givers, healers, and learners.

Become a Legacy Holder

Select Your Section

Each sponsorship equates to a 20ft by 20ft section of The Grove.


This means a canopy, softwood, and understory tree for each sponsorship.

Tell Your Story

Each Legacy Holder is invited to tell your story on the placard placed at each section.


Tell the community about you, why the Grove matters, or anything else you want to say!

Each story will be documented on our website and on the land. You are invited to remain anonymous as well.

Build the Network

Throughout The Grove installations, we'll hold gatherings on the land.

Ceremony and celebration will abound, along with strategic conversations with our community on how we build from here.


Let's Talk Numbers

Section Sponsorship: $5000

Option 1: Immediate Planting

Mail check directly to us or pay online with "Legacy Grove" in the memo.

Option 2: Pay as We Build

$333.33 per month for 15 months

Option 3: Group Sponsorship

Come together with a cohort to sponsor a section. Just add the name of the cohort, along with "Legacy Grove" in the memo.

We are grateful for any support, and welcome donations of any amount towards the completion of this project. We value your time, talent, and love just as much!


If you'd like to discuss supporting this reparation initiative, please reach out and let us know!

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