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Hands in the Soil

"...imagine a different relationship, in which people and land are good medicine for each other.”

-Robin Wall Kimmerer, Braiding Sweetgrass

Build Hope for the Future

Our Strategic Plan... and Our Ask.

Since 1995, Hope Springs Institute has set its heart to nurture the deep and meaningful growth of its community and family. We have grown in size, scope, and wisdom. We survived recessions, fire, and a multi-year pandemic. As an organization, we have become stronger through these adversities, and also clearer about our future.

This is why we are calling on you.

Build Hope for the Future is a two-part strategic plan that defines our year-end challenges, while sowing seeds for an even brighter future.

And let us share with you... we have a LOT to celebrate!

In 2022, Hope Springs has experienced record numbers in attendance, return visits, and the number of scholarships we were able to award, each surpassing our goals. However, this growth has also had its setbacks. Increased facility usage taxed our infrastructure, requiring us to invest tens of thousands of dollars to repair and upgrade old septic and HVAC systems.

This is where you come in.

We are asking for support in two ways: Make a contribution to support our ongoing operational needs and become a monthly donor to support our initiatives under our strategic plan, Build Hope for the Future. We've already taken steps to construct a new accommodation building and renovate the farm house. This year we also released our forest reparation initiative, the Living Legacy Grove Project, which transitions our upper meadow from invasive grass to healthy forest ecosystem. 


Your monthly sustained giving is one action that will make our dream a realityOngoing contributions empowers us to plan ahead, to support our larger community, and to further develop the transformational programming we are known for.


When you become a monthly donor, you join others in giving a value to the work we do, and the sacred lands it happens on. You give back to the buildings, the land stewards, and the staff that held you during your visit.


If 400 of our community members donated a recurring $25 a month, we could create the vision our great-grandchildren would be proud to say we were a part of.


Donate today and help us Build Hope!

Our Mission, Vision, Values

The Foundation of our Growth


Our Growth & Our Impact

A Peak into our Work in 2022

statistics 2022
780 people visited hope springs institute in 2022
$30,000 awarded in scholarships from hope springs institute
47 retreats hosted at hope springs institute
new hires hope springs institute
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"Hope Springs finds itself well-positioned for a complex global future in which we intend to grow as a beacon of sustainability, collaboration and Hope."

 -  Dr. Sean Fabry, Board President

Our Strategic Focus

Plans for Building Hope

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Grow the Environment

This commitment recognizes that the demand for sacred space and transformative work continues to grow. We feel it is imperative to practice this work with a lighter environmental impact and continue to create a more immersive learning landscape for all visitors on our land.

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Steward the Land

This commitment honors land as sacred teacher and the value of all its natural parts. From closing our food source loop, to practicing regenerative design in our leadership model, or launching the Legacy Grove initiative, this commitment is all about walking the walk with sacred intention.

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Nurture Community

This commitment centers on community-building which has three main components: a sense of belonging, a commitment, and fulfilling individual needs while engaging in activities that build community. We know that change doesn't exist without its circle of impact and calling in our circle is imperative to our future success.

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Grow the Environment

hsi facilities commitments
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Steward the Land

HSI land commitments
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Nurture Community

HSI community commitments
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Our Ask

build hope springs institute
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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed individuals can change the world. 

In fact, it's the only thing that ever has."

-  Margaret Mead

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