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Awaken with Hope Springs Institute

Spring has slowly emerged on Peach Mountain and Hope Springs is eagerly looking towards the awakening of the land in all of it's beauty. In the midst of this unfolding, we are also looking towards programming that reflects that same awakening within ourselves and our communities.

On April 18th we will be holding A Day of Rest. This event utilizes the healing energy of the land along with guided yoga and meditation to give your soul a chance to catch up with your body. We recognize that emerging from the collective trauma of this year means we may need to explore ways to bring more balance into body, mind, and spirit. A Day of Rest is an offering to do just that!

On May 21-23 we will be offering Empathy and Self Discovery with the Enneagream. The gift of the sacred pause we have all experienced is that we have been given the opportunity of distance from our normal routines and relationships. As we begin to reemerge into those routines and relationships, we may find ourselves wanting a better understanding of ourselves and our own needs. The Enneagram is a tool that helps us reveal the emotional drivers behind behavior, both ours and others'. We hope that by exploring the Enneagram, you can build empathy and understanding that will help you reengage with the world in ways that foster healthy and peaceful relationships.

We will also be offering an ONLINE weekend workshop on June 25-27 called Playing with Percept Language: A Virtual Lab Experience. This offering, which will be 4 two hours sessions across the weekend, is an opportunity to work with and experience the Percept Orientation. This approach to communication and reflection, developed by John and Joyce Weir, is a way of thinking and speaking that helps one understand “reality” as projections onto others, circumstances, and conditions. Percept Language helps a person live a more satisfying, trustworthy life by moving through the world, as John and Joyce would say, with “no praise” and “no blame.” We hope this offering serves as another opportunity to reflect on the self and relationships in a time where so much feels new and unsure in our world.

These programs, along with many others through the rest of the year, are offerings that we hope support peace and healing through the challenges we have all collectively faced together in the last year. To do our deep work in community is something we cherish perhaps more than ever before, and we hope to see you on the land soon!

Click the links below to register for our most immediately upcoming offerings:

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