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Fri, Jun 25


Zoom Workshop Weekend

Playing with Percept Language: A Virtual Lab Experience

Join us for a weekend of learning and practicing the Percept Orientation in order to engage in relationships with increased empathy towards yourself and others.

Playing with Percept Language: A Virtual Lab Experience
Playing with Percept Language: A Virtual Lab Experience

Time & Location

Jun 25, 2021, 4:00 PM – Jun 27, 2021, 1:00 PM

Zoom Workshop Weekend

About The Event


The Percept Orientation, developed by John and Joyce Weir, is a way of thinking and speaking that helps me understand “reality” as my projections onto others, circumstances, and conditions. In other words, I realize that my actions and reactions are driven by projections, and that this orientation can help me live a more satisfying, trustworthy life by moving through the world, as John and Joyce would say, with “no praise” and “no blame.”

During this Weekend Lab you will: 

· Learn and practice the Percept Language in a virtual community.

· Develop greater accountability for your behavior by recognizing and claiming your projections onto others.

· Recognize projections onto you by others to engage in relationships with increased empathy towards yourself and others.

Changing your inner understanding of external situations means shifting your personal worldview.  And the best framework to experiment, practice, and learn this new, “foreign” language is an immersion experience. Therefore, you will be speaking the Percept Language during this Lab.   The lab context allows for observing the impact of this important shift both within yourself and in relationship with others.

If you are new to Percept and are curious, or if you are experienced and want a community to practice and play, this is for you! Please join us in this continuing experiment to explore how you might enhance your personal development and relationships by adding Percept Language to your own, personal toolbox.


Judith Leibowitz: Juice, aka Judith, brings many years of experience in Women’s Collaboratives, Executive and Life Transition Coaching, Positive Intelligence (PQ), Social Justice and Diversity, and Organization Development. She has been practicing and Teaching the Percept Orientation for about 30 years, and she participated in the three-year Weir-Merrill professional development program.

Peter Norlin: In addition to working as both an internal and external OD consultant for over 35 years and also serving as the Executive Director of the OD Network, Peter was also simultaneously a student of John and Joyce Weir and their approach to self-differentiation, the percept orientation, and percept language. To deepen his understanding and use of this orientation, he also completed the Weir-Merrill three-year professional development program.


  • Playing with Percept Language

    Weekend ticket including (4) Zoom Sessions Friday:4:00pm ET-6:00pm ET; Saturday:11:00am ET-1:00pm ET; Saturday:4:00pm ET-6:00pm ET; Sunday:11:00am ET-1:00pm ET




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