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We Are All Just Creatures Trying to Grow

When I walked Hope Springs land on my first day as a staff member, I saw many signs of love and care for the property I was now in charge of tending. I also saw the signs of some big dreams and ideas. Good thing I am a dreamer too! In fact, it is those dreams that make me excited for what's on our horizon- projects like removing invasive grasses and promoting biodiversity, expanding "green" systems on the property, and growing edible food gardens. The list of dreams goes on and on!

When I think about my work with plant ecosystems at Hope Springs and the year we have had, a phrase comes to mind. Every time we try to put nature in a box, she will push beyond that box and continue to grow in her way. Its a reminder to me to be like rest of our plant and animal relatives- to find the resiliency in myself. What I love about nature is the beauty of each thing being defiantly just what it is-alive! We are all just creatures trying to grow. The invasive is trying just like the oak, and the fox, and the mouse. I see us all trying our best as we are able.

I am reminded of an occurrence in nature that is the perfect example of this. Occasionally, you will find stream-dwelling fish living in land-locked ponds. It seems impossible! How did they travel over land?! Well, ducks eat the fish eggs from a stream and fly to a pond. The duck does what a duck does after it eats, and some of the eggs survive the journey to hatch in their new pond home, miles from the stream in which they were originally laid. That occurrence reminds me of all of us, especially now. We are on a journey of resiliency like the fish eggs, headed towards a new and future pond.

Hope Springs needs help on that journey, and I hope you consider supporting us by donating in this time of intense need. I am glad to be swimming on this journey with all of you!

- Chip Blount, Land Manager

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