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Hope for the Future: An End of Year Letter to our Community

Dear Hope Springs Community,

As we reflect on the passing of 2021 and the entering of a new year, we are reaching out to our community to share in the joy of what we have accomplished and to request your support in the plans for our collective Hope Springs future.

As an organization, we have experienced a year of growth, hard work, and problem-solving. We will close the year with 40 retreats and programs on the land. To have held this deep work in safety was a hard-earned success that makes us very grateful and proud. In this same space of time, however, we have also had hurdles of staff shortages, large scale septic maintenance, multiple blown hot water heaters, two new HVAC units, roof repairs, and other growth opportunities in between! We have truly felt all things in abundance this year- the blessing of transformative work and the financial stress of limited group sizes due COVID and substantial maintenance challenges.

In the face of this, your financial support is deeply needed to continue to hold transformative work and keep the land we love beautifully whole.

With all that we held in 2021, this coming year still looks to be the busiest yet! We are excited to have a 2022 calendar that is fully scheduled with only four weekends unclaimed and many weeklong partnerships on the books! In truth, this growth in our programming and retreat-partner relationships has been steadily building for a number of years, and we look to continue this expansion in the future.

In order to hold sacred space for these expanded group sizes, less turn over time, and larger partner organizations, Hope Springs acknowledges that we must continue to develop the land and facilities here. Plans are underway to build a new housing structure at Hope Springs that will meet the long-requested needs of more beds, bathrooms, and meeting spaces.

If you are able to give, Hope Springs needs your support in this work today. Contributions from our community are the only way to sustain us through the universally felt financial challenge of COVID, the necessary maintenance of our current facilities, and in the planning and realization of a new housing structure.

We are looking to a future in 2022 of becoming; of a growing calendar, staff, and facilities. We hope you will join us on the journey. Thank you for your continued support of Hope Springs Institute, our mission, and our work in the world.

With our deepest gratitude and love,

Cindy Bass and Victoria Brown

Board President and Executive Director

P.S More information on the new structure will come in the new year as we enter our first phase of development. Stay Tuned!

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