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Understanding and Compassion through the Astrological Lens

by Suzanne Stevens

I fell in love with Astrology at the Patterns of Fate, Astrology Workshop at Hope Springs, led by Arifa Boehler and Alexandra Merrill in 1997. Little did I know then that I would gift myself every year for the next 20 years with an Astrology Workshop that would give me more insight into the influence of the stars and planets on my life and my relationships.

And that is key to me, the influence on my life and relationships of understanding this meaning making system. When I learned about my chart from an elemental perspective, understanding the elemental nature of the signs and planets – whether they have the characteristics of fire, air, earth or water - I could understand more about why I was the way I was, why I felt like I did, reacted like I did, was passionate about certain things and not others. I began to have compassion for myself instead of judging myself and to have compassion for others. I began to understand why I might frustrate others and they might frustrate me just because of our innate patterns. Once I had understanding and compassion, I then had incentive to find ways we could connect, ways we could compromise, ways we could collaborate.

I tend to stay simple as I use this very complex system of meaning making. I think about the elemental nature of any sign, how it is like the other signs in this element and how it is different. I key in on a few sentences to understand the planets and give simple explanations for moon phases and points on the moon path. I also focus on the natal chart versus current influences.

When Patricia and I started the Hope Springs Women’s Collaboratives, we decided we would bring the Astrological Lens and the Typological Lens into our sessions. Over time, we became curious about how these two lenses not only each helped us understand ourselves and our relationships but how they influence each other. How is our Astro chart tempered by our Typological Profile and vice versa. This curiosity led to the offering of Astrology and Typology. We hope you will join us to explore each lens and the influence they have on each other. We will discover together as we take this journey. You can sign up now at Astrology-Typology and the Life Path.

Later this month, look for a blog from Patricia highlighting her journey with MBTI.

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