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The Power of Self-Care Retreat

Strengthen your spiritual core while exploring the power of self-care. This retreat invites you on a journey to a greater sense of purpose and self-worth. June 5-7, 2020

I discovered Hope Springs this past fall when I was asked to hold a writing circle for a facilitator at women writing for a change, who had a scheduling conflict. When asked, I hesitated as it was an extra busy weekend for me, the drive "seemed" long, but I had a nudge that it was something I should do-- I'm so glad I did! As I arrived at the grounds, I remember thinking, this is the exact retreat space I'd been trying to find! I immediately fell in love with the grounds, the facilities, the food, and the staff.

My friend, who asked me to sub for them, mentioned that I would be fed while I was there. I'm a vegetarian, I try to eat all organic, and I love good coffee—oh yes, I am a picky eater too! I arrived just in time to catch the tail end of breakfast, wow! The staff was so friendly and welcomed me by offering to serve me breakfast, even though they were beginning their clean up and about to put away the remaining food. The food was excellent, and I made it a point to stay for lunch!

I was taken by how beautiful the grounds were, and how sacred each space that I entered felt. I asked for a tour and inquired about running a retreat. Here's what I discovered—there's access to over 100 acres, three ponds, two walking trails, outdoor and indoor fire pit, large open activity room that accommodates yoga, art, and various crafts, music, and meditation. There are sleeping facilities for 32 people, kitchen space, laundry, hot tub, and three amazing meals served by the kitchen staff that's committed to providing healthy organic meals, better than any retreat space I've ever experienced.

I am a writing facilitator for Women Writing for (a) Change in Cincinnati. This is my second year of running a quarterly class called Celebrating Our Struggles. The class focuses on the importance of learning to love ourselves and cultivating daily self-care that support wholeness. (See description below)

In addition to being a writing facilitator, I'm a life coach, spiritual director, lifetime musician, and one of the founders of "Self-Care Providers." We deliver workshops and retreats that promote the importance of self-care and provide you with the tools to continue taking these practices into your daily life when you return home.

I wanted to find a space that would accommodate the weekend for writing, self-reflection, restorative and flow yoga, healthy food, time in nature, and meditation. I've found the perfect spot—Hope Springs Institute. I hope you'll consider joining us for a restorative weekend, a time for reflection and self-care. A full description of our retreat can be found at The Power of Self-Care.

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