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Reflections: Yoga Thoughts for These Times

What. A. Year.

How to possibly integrate the experiences of the past year?

I have been thinking much about recharge, renewal, and relevance. What is relevant? Important? Sustaining?

How has the past year taught me this?

It occurred to me as loved ones have become ill, routine was disrupted, and unprecedented circumstances became the norm that perhaps we have been given an important opportunity to reflect upon true relevance.

The empowerment to recharge and renew ourselves, especially in these times, may derive from our ability to reflect clearly. To meet our habitual tension of body and thought as a reflection of our adaptive empathic nature calling for rest, space, movement, and community. Calling for an easy stillness of place, space, and being.

I can think of no better place to find easy stillness than Hope Springs Institute, within a deeply experiential yoga retreat. Yoga is a practice of reflection and integration. Hope Springs is a place of land and sky holding space for recharge of the spirit and renewal of the senses.

And winter…..perfect timing. The quiet, restorative energy of winter taps deep into our reflective, empathic remembering of ourselves, the undersupport for the grow-glorious energy of other seasons. Winter is the perfect time for setting sustaining roots into a relevant, renewing yoga practice. A lovely time to learn or re-learn yoga as a relevant practice of meeting yourself in the unprecedented now.

Hope Springs the perfect place to reflect, recharge, and renew.

Join us for Recharge + Renew: A Yoga Retreat

January 8-10, 2021


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