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Programming at HSI: Here, There, Everywhere!

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

We sit at a powerful crossroads in our country and world, and Hope Springs spends much of its time focusing on how to best serve both people and earth in the times we are being given. I firmly believe that “peace” is not passive-it demands action and we as peace-promoters must respond in kind.

Hope Springs has always taken that action to present programming on learning and growth that we believe leads, in the end, to peace. The beautiful gift that we were given due to Covid was the time to decide how we will continue this work in new and more layered ways. Rest assured, Hope Springs still believes in experiential learning and the teaching that the land has to offer. We also believe, however, in the power of virtual spaces to add depth and reach to our peace-work . It is our hope that online offerings allow us to explore how to make our work more accessible and widely available in a time where access is challenging.

To that end, we have released three online offerings into the world that will be available throughout the last quarter of 2020.

Our Women’s Winter Retreat, which has been held on site for 10 years, is an online workshop weekend designed to give you the personal time and space to Restore, Release, and be Resilient. It begins on Friday, December 4. This offering is led by Nancy Willman, Suzie Nagy, and Elaine Olund.

The Befriending Grief Series is an opportunity to explore your journey with loss and grief in community. The series is a 3 part offering with a donation-based fee. This program will be led by Mary Manera and starts on Sunday, November 1st.

Our Hope Springs Conscious Cafe is envisioned as a place for facilitated conversation and growth on topics affecting us today. It runs for 6 weeks on Monday evenings and is led by Karen Van Wagenen and Jandie Lane. It will start Monday, October 26th.

You can explore these at this link:

We are also building a 2021 calendar that supports healing from a painful pandemic and repairing unjust political and social systems. It is my goal that through new partnerships, sustained relationships with our most powerful change agents, and the gift of multiple platforms and formats, we contribute to this work more than ever.

We have been taking this time to land on the best path to move forward, but we humbly ask you to stay tuned in with us as we keep closer contact on programming and more in the next few months. I look forward to seeing you on zoom-and the land!-soon!

Peace and Joy

Victoria Brown

Executive Director

Hope Springs Institute

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