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Opportunities to Go Within

We recently felt the first wave of frost at Hope Springs, and this herald of winter brings with it the opportunity to take the stillness of this time to unfold within. At Hope Springs, we have several offerings in programming that we would love to invite you to explore.

Nov. 19rd-21st I Online Workshop

Autumn's Pause is in invitation to hold an intentional time-out in which we use creative process to honor our losses, harvest our gains, and envision our next steps. SoulCollage requires no artistic experience or talent. All that is necessary is a willingness to be open to the experience. Seemingly by magic, this simple process of cutting and pasting images opens a window into your very soul.

Dec. 3rd-5th I Onsite Workshop

This December workshop is designed for you to restore your healthiest self,

during the global pandemic the upcoming holiday season, and the long winter ahead,

in a safe environment

For over 12 years participates have found this retreat has been the perfect holiday gift to

themselves. It gives the personal time and space during the hectic holiday season to

Relax, Release & Restore

Jan. 7th-9th I Onsite Workshop

Even though our experiences of uncertainty are increasingly common, we are biologically challenged during such times, and this offering is an invitation to begin to build a framework of autonomy over those experiences.

In this weekend retreat we will use gentle movement, discovery, and reflection while in a community of supportive peers and restorative space to build our capacity to thrive in the new year ahead.

Jan. 28th-30th I Onsite Workshop

In our busy lives, we rarely experience an extended period of quiet… of simply Being. For this weekend retreat, we create a space of Quietness for ourselves in the midst of community. We commit to ourselves and to each other our support, respect and presence. As we let go of speaking, we experience our connections to ourselves, to nature, and to one another in a completely different way. You are invited to sink deeply into Being, rather than Doing.

Feb. 4th-6th I Onsite Workshop

This workshop will explore the principles and practice of meditative writing. Anyone interested in discovering the wonder of unhindered thought and the pleasure of getting it down on paper, will benefit from this weekend. You will become familiar with the fundamentals of Proprioceptive Writing, exercise your capacity to listen to yourself and others, and complete five Proprioceptive writes, in the company of a small group of others.

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