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In My Dream We Walked Together

In these times we are facing, with all of us holding the safety of our communities so close, I am reminded about a dream I once had of the Hope Springs community. In my dream, a few of us were walking with our founder, Suzanne, on Hope Springs land. We were there to honor what she had created. We were walking in gratitude for our learning, and as we moved together on the land, more people came and began to join us. Over time, more and more women and men flooded in from the four directions until the land swelled with the abundance of people giving thanks. I felt in the dream that these were all the people who are and will be impacted by the transformation and learning experienced at Hope Springs. It was generations of people who are more peaceful, more healed, and more of a community than those who came before.

In my dream we walked together because someone walked first and brought us onto the path. We continued to walk because so many before us worked to sustain that walking. I think of this dream now because this period of pandemic has made the interdependence of the world so clear. I recognize that our connections as humans are deep and intertwining. We feel the ricochet of each other's choices so intensely, and we cannot ignore our own impact.

In the same interconnected way, the work done at Hope Springs is generational work- it has ripples to a future that we have not yet seen. Our growth has power exponentially as it travels beyond us. That vision of expansion is worth so much to me. The work we do depends upon the support of our community, both financially and energetically. Your commitment ensures this work can continue to rebound through the generations.

-Betsy Pourvakil, Operations Coordinator

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Oct 02, 2021

Loved reading this thankss

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