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CALL - Being the Change

by Kelsey Furlong, CALL Participant

The CALL cohort learning about the Cage of Oppression through hands on exercises.

On Sunday, I celebrated the completion of our first year of the CALL program, and said good-bye to the cohort and Hope Springs  for the year.

I got involved with CALL on a bit of a whim, during a moment in my life when I knew I needed something, but couldn't identify what that something was. When the opportunity was presented to me, I jumped despite not knowing what I was really jumping into!

At our first meeting in March, we established the real objective of the experience: to develop ourselves into effective leaders, so that we can be of highest service to the world. Our courageous leaders, Jules Myers and Leah Kyaio, are providing us with tools, knowledge, and skills that will aid us as we set out on our individual and collective mission: to be the change we want to see in the world.

The model they are using: Three years of exploration of the "I, We, Us" model (how can we truly serve if we are not our highest, most whole and integrated selves; mind, body, and spirit?), seemed daunting when I made the commitment initially. Did I really want to commit to all three levels? How would I get to Hope Springs that often? Is this commitment aligned with what I'm trying to do with my life?

I didn't know, and I am grateful that I didn't overthink it! As a business coach, I had long felt that something was missing. I could not articulate why the personal development- mental, physical, and spiritual health- is so important to the health of an organization. I knew it, but could not put it into words. The unique, integrated structure of the CALL program led me to that missing piece: Leadership development.

I find relevance in this and in wanting to share it with the readers of the Hope Springs blog, because as a young, new business owner, this opportunity has given me a gift that I have been immediately able to pay forward to my communities. It's evident that the others in the cohort are having similar experiences. To be clear, this is not an assumption, these are the words that were shared when we reconvened last Tuesday after 7 months apart, and meeting only once.

The growth has been exponential, and it's causing a ripple effect that the world greatly needs to experience more of. I cannot express my gratitude to Hope Springs for this.

Sunday, we said our goodbyes, and made our commitments. We each committed to supporting one another as we move forward into the second level of the three level program. There are still many unknowns for us, but we are putting our trust and faith into the power of commitment, community, and in our connectedness to one another.

Kelsey Furlong is a Personal Mastery Expert, Innovation & Leadership Coach. You can read more about the change she creates in the world at and FB/IG @leadtheevolution

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