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Another World is Possible

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Hope Springs Institute’s mission is to provide sacred space for growth, innovative learning, and healing while honoring mind, body, spirit, and the earth. We unequivocally stand for systematic change that makes space for the healing process, especially in the face of the white supremacist patriarchal systems working against a healthy and whole world.

We stand beside the community-shapers working to create that change locally and globally. We are committed to being an active contributor in the conversations, learning, caring, and healing that must occur for all people, and most especially our black and brown brothers and sisters who face tremendous trauma and violence in our country today.

Hope Springs has a 25 year history of peace-work through teaching, workshops, gatherings, and community-building. We wish to acknowledge that, although proud of this history, there is still immense opportunity for us to grow in our understanding. Community work begins with inner work and Hope Springs holds this truth for itself as we move forward in our learning and our teaching during this difficult and painful time. 

Please click here for a poem sent to our Executive Director recently. We hope it brings energy to those in the fight for a truly peaceful world. 


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