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A Special Request in Extraordinary Times

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

Dear Supporters of Hope Springs,

As we announced earlier this week in keeping with our Vision to provide a more peaceful world fostered by healthy relationships, personal growth and individual healing, the Hope Springs Board of Trustees and our new/current EDs have collectively decided to suspend all programs and retreats from now until May 3, 2020.

As you can imagine, the new life scenario we are all in due to the COVID-19 pandemic is putting economic pressure on so many of us, and Hope Springs is no exception. We are putting together a financial plan to work our way through these challenges that includes:

  1. Reaching out to the federal government's Small Business Association Disaster Relief fund to try to access some of the low interest funding relief for which we qualify.

  2. Accessing a bank line of credit based on Hope Springs financial vitality.  Fortuitously, the Hope Springs Board had already begun the process to get this line of credit before the pandemic began.

3. Reaching out to you, our community, for much needed financial support. Even with all that we are doing, we will likely be short funds to be able to continue skeleton-based operations for the next eight weeks. And this pandemic may last quite longer than early May if all projections are correct. To that end, we are trying to get in front of this.

So here’s our ask:

  1. If you normally give to Hope Springs at the end of the year, would you consider giving at least half of your annual gift early?

  2. If you have it within your budget, would you possibly begin a monthly donation -- if even a small amount?

  3. Would you consider giving Hope Springs just one additional gift of whatever amount you can simply because we are trying to cover our costs during this COVID-19 retreat suspension?

While I know you are likely looking at your own financial situation and realizing that you are being negatively impacted financially due to the coronavirus epidemic, and I recognize this is a big ask at this time, I would like to ask for your help anyway.   As you know, Hope Springs is celebrating her 25th anniversary this year (we have postponed the celebration event in June), and I want to be sure, as the president of this Board, that we are in existence for her 26th, 27th, and on to her 50th anniversary. We need your help! I also want to let you know of two very positive things we are doing to keep our Hope Springs community strong:


  1. We are currently investigating how we might use our commercial kitchen to feed people who are in need due to COVID-19. 

  2. We are actively exploring online classes and communities to hold each of us as we are in this new reality.  Look for more to follow on both of these efforts on our website:

While you will likely be asked by many to give, we would be grateful for your consideration of a donation to Hope Springs so we can continue our now 25 year old vision to create a more peaceful world fostered by healthy relationships, personal growth, and individual healing.   Isn't that exactly what we all need right now? With love and gratitude for your consideration, Cindy Cindy Bass President, Hope Springs Board of Trustees AND the entire Board, Founders, Supporters and Staff of Hope Springs

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