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A Note from HSI Director on 25th Anniversary

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Dear Hope Springs community,

It is hard to believe that it has been two months since I began the work of stewarding Hope Springs Institute. Two months of supporting her as she traverses the unknown terrain that we all face today. It has been the first steps of a journey with many unknowns and few assurances, but also two months of diligent effort and fierce commitment to honoring the work of 25 years.

It is this deep commitment that has led us to the choice to postpone the 25th Anniversary Celebration until next summer.

When faced with so much uncertainty in the current time, what we most value as a gift to Hope Springs is the gift of gathering on her land. This we will do with joy when we know it is safe to do so as we’d intended. Please keep in contact with us as we move forward with a smaller, virtual celebration this summer, and as more details on our in-person celebration evolve.

As I write this I am looking out at the ravine on Hope Springs land and it is raining. It is a peaceful place, especially in this weather. The ravine reminds me of the constant essence of our natural world. The consistency that she is there, no matter how she may ebb and flow. I see our peace-work in that ravine. That we seek to do what is just and good is a constant. How we seek it, perhaps, must shift.

We are actively working to build systems that allow Hope Springs Institute to shift in just such a way, both on-site and in virtual spaces. Look for more details on this process in our June newsletter. To help us as we step onto this path, please visit our website, check in with us on social media, and most importantly, be willing to walk with us as we explore what it means to commune with one another in all ways.

Together, I know we walk towards a more peaceful world community.

With tremendous joy,

Victoria Brown

Executive Director

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