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Embodiment: Reconnecting to Our Selves

Our body influences the way we think, the emotions we feel, and the perceptions we have of the people and world around us. When our bodies are stressed or dysregulated, we feel imbalanced, overwhelmed and unfocused. Many people are so disconnected from their bodies that they are unaware of this influence and are left victim to its stressed out state. As we learn to reconnect to our bodies and the wealth of information and wisdom available there, our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health all shift.

Research is showing that through practicing embodied living we:deepen our experience of ourselves and our lives open up to other sources of information to inform wise living and decision making attend to the self more effectively by noticing earlier signs of distress access greater emotional and biological regulation.

Watch the video as we demonstrate an embodied exploration of pleasure and play in preparation for our upcoming retreat, Portals to the Divine Feminine.

Interested in exploring embodiment through play and pleasure? Join us at our Sacred Pleasure & Play: Portals to the Divine Feminine on March 5-8 at Hope Springs Institute! Click here for more information! 

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