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Celebrating 25 Years of Hope Springs Institute!

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

When Suzanne Stevens and Al Sinclair first set their feet on the land that is now Hope Springs 24 years ago, they were following an inner call to create a space for deep personal and collective healing. They could not know then just how far and wide their dream would reach. Now, as Hope Springs approaches her 25th year in existence, a weekend gathering is being planned to call the Hope Springs community together to celebrate this milestone.

Suzanne says, "25 years! I never dreamed Hope Springs would take root and blossom like it has. I have this gathering be an opportunity for gratitude to all who have co-created this nurturing, sacred space for healing and holding. Executive Directors, Board members, donors, volunteers, teachers, participants, staff, the land, the ancestors and benevolent spirits in all realms - thank you. I hope everyone comes to witness what you have co-created, to celebrate and to continue to dream together."

Plans are currently taking shaping for a long weekend celebration during the summer solstice, June 18-21, 2020. The HSI25 planners envision a variety of activities during the gathering that will focus on the themes of Remember * Reunite * Reinvigorate.

There will be time to share (and record) personal stories of your Hope Springs experiences, space for creativity and fun, ceremonies to offer gratitude and honor, and facilitated sessions to envision the future. And of course, we will enjoy all the signatures of a Hope Springs gathering -- amazing food, beautiful land, and heartful connection with one another.

In honor of the 25th Anniversary celebration, upcoming HSI newsletters will include updates on the celebration plans, as well as articles that feature highlights from Hope Springs’ history. If you would like to submit your own "Hope Springs moment" or newsletter article to be considered for inclusion, send your submission to Mary Manera at

Every effort is being made for the gathering to be as inclusive as possible, with a range of pricing and timing available. Families are welcome. Registration, pricing and current information about the gathering is at Visit the website now to reserve your space!

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