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25 for 25 #6: The Celtic Circle

This is the sixth installment in our series 25 for 25: one story per week from Hope Springs' history to lead up to our 25th Anniversary Celebration, June 18-21, 2020. Nan Miller who has been coming to Hope Springs almost since its inception, is the Keeper of the Celtic Circle.

In 2007, Kate Fitzpatrick came over from Ireland to lead us in installing the Celtic Circle, a representation of the four Celtic Mother Goddesses, Bridgit, Morrigan, Macca, and Danu. It was an amazing experience. She is such a great story-teller. I would get so wrapped up in it, like I was in the story. She really made the Mother Goddesses come alive for us.

Danu is my favorite. I picture her in the morning mist, which is my most sacred time. She represents the Earth and the Sky and Nature, and she is the mother of all the goddesses.

I like coming to this circle, tending to the Goddess, repairing and redressing what Nature has started to wear. It is still one of my favorite places to be.

In addition to coming to workshops, I would volunteer in the kitchen just to be here. It's such a great place to be. It has a special energy that is very healing but strong enough to hold the transformations that happen here. It changed my life and changed me in so many wonderful ways. I went through the first Hope Springs Women's Leadership Collaborative and formed deep connections with women that are still strong today. I am deeply grateful for that experience.

I joined the Hope Springs Board of Trustees in 2017 after I retired from full-time employment. I wanted to give back some of what Hope Springs gave to me, and make sure she is still there for other people to experience and receive its gifts the way I did. I am leaving the Board this year and though I worked hard, I will never to be able to repay my debt of gratitude. I will keep coming back though. I love it here.

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