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25 for 25 #1: The Realm of Wild Things

Today we are launching our new series, 25 for 25: one story per week from Hope Springs' history, to lead up to our 25th Anniversary Celebration, June 18-21, 2020.

Today we start with the history of how Hope Springs called to Suzanne and Al. From "The History & Hope of Hope Springs" by Suzanne Stevens and Al Sinclair:

We knew we wanted to start a Center and that in the beginning it would be a women's center. We knew we loved land and trees and peace and quiet, so in late 1994 we began to look. We drove through northern Kentucky and eastern Ohio, answered ads and made inquiries. At one point we had the sense that the land would find us and tell us what to do.

In February of 1995, we heard that the John Knauff estate would be auctioned off, 130 acres of land with a home and two cottages. We walked the land, fell in love with the trees and ravine, came to the auction and purchased the property. ... As we walked the land and began to form a relationship with it, we knew we did not want to disturb the meadows and the forest. It seemed that this was the realm of the wild things."

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