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Fri, Mar 29


Hope Springs Institute

Sharing the Wise Womyn Path

A Women's Weekend for Personal Transformation

Sharing the Wise Womyn Path
Sharing the Wise Womyn Path

Time & Location

Mar 29, 2019, 4:00 PM – Mar 31, 2019, 2:00 PM

Hope Springs Institute, 4988 Mineral Springs Rd, Peebles, OH 45660, USA

About The Event

Would you like to reconnect with your sensual wild nature? Are you drawn to the archetype of the Serpent? Are you in a process of change and want to shed your skin? Like a sacred serpent, each spring we shed our skins in rebirth and celebration of new beginnings. Please join us for a weekend retreat of deep connection, re-membering, and personal renewal! Come slither into the next phase of your sacred journey.

Serpentessa, this year’s featured wise woman, is a Snake Priestess - a 21st century practitioner of ancient Snake medicine. In Serpentessa’s words, “In a mutual partnership with my Snakes (who are also my teachers), I skillfully facilitate, that is actively ‘priestess’ your interactions and emotional journey with my Snakes in an up close and personal encounter of your choice to create the results you want in your life.” Serpentessa’s intuitive and gentle spirit is deeply respectful and encouraging of each woman’s wishes as she presents a wide variety of opportunities for distant admiration or personal contact with her Serpents.

In addition to a weekend filled with sacred Serpent offerings facilitated by Serpentessa, there will be additional transformative opportunities such as Singing In Sacred Circle with Shelley Graff as well as a variety of workshop offerings, time for personal reflection, ritual/celebration, and, last but not least, a visit to the Great Serpent Mound of Ohio. The Great Serpent Mound, which has been nominated as a World Heritage Site (Stonehenge, Pyramids of Egypt, Pompeii…) stretches 1,348 feet over the ground and has astronomical significance in that the head and coils of the Great Serpent align with the solstice and equinox sunrises or sunsets each year. This wonder, built by the ancients, is a must see…and to experience it with Serpentessa working her magic…not to be missed!

Your Registration Fee includes the magical, mystical land called Hope Springs, facilitator fees, a single bed in a room with double or triple occupancy, and six incredibly delicious meals!

Registration Fee: By February 28th: $350.00 After February 28th: $375.00

(Due to limited space and high demand, a $100.00 non-refundable* deposit is required to reserve your spot. *If you have a major life event and you are not able to attend the retreat, but you find a woman to fill your space, then your deposit will be refunded. Payment plans are available per receipt of your deposit. Credit cards will be accepted with an additional 2.75% “Square processing fee.”

Please send Registration Deposit or Fee to:

Shelley Graff/Old Maid Aunts Productions

P.O. Box 8445

Cincinnati, Ohio 45208

Or please send an email to: to make arrangements for a credit card payment.

Workshop Facilitators

Serpentessa: As a child, I knew nothing about the Serpent other than it allegedly tempted Eve to eat the apple and commit the original sin. Yet as a belly dancer, it was natural to adopt a Snake as they can be terrific dance partners. I quickly realized that the reactions the Snakes evoked in others were as powerful as what I was experiencing because all Snakes compel you to embody your wild instinctive divine nature. This was the first step on my path to further explore the ancient coexistence and teachings between Humanity and the Serpent. Over 20 years ago, my Snakes 'hisspered' to me to share their medicine, to spiral as far & wide as possible in a variety of humane formats, (intros to intensives) ranging from cultural events, corporate functions, theatre, spiritual retreat centers, mystery schools, private schools, hospitals, coaching groups, children’s events and individual sessions. To date, we’ve worked with over 20,000 terrific people of all ages and diversities! To learn more about Serpentessa’s journey, please visit: or gretchen

Shelley Graff, a feminist singer, songwriter, guitarist, and Singing In Sacred Circle facilitator, has been sharing her songs with audiences over the past thirty years. Her folksy, personable approach to performing and facilitating Singing In Sacred Circle workshops, draw her audiences down a path of political inquiry, peace, healing, and transformation. Shelley travels the country helping women start Singing Circles as well as doing events and workshops for existing Singing In Sacred Circles. Whether she is sharing her music at political events, women’s conferences, coffeehouses, or music festivals, Shelley charms her way into her listeners’ hearts! To learn more about Shelley’s journey and about her three CDs, Moon Mama, Fire On The Arrow, and Coming Home, please visit: or

Questions about Hope Springs, the retreat or your payment? Contact Shelley:

Questions about Serpentessa and Serpents? Contact Serpentessa:

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