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Fri, Nov 19


Zoom Weekend Retreat

Autumn's Pause: A Virtual SoulCollage Retreat

Autumn's Pause is in invitation to hold an intentional time-out in which we use creative process to honor our losses, harvest our gains, and envision our next steps.

Autumn's Pause: A Virtual SoulCollage Retreat
Autumn's Pause: A Virtual SoulCollage Retreat

Time & Location

Nov 19, 2021, 7:00 PM – Nov 21, 2021, 6:00 PM

Zoom Weekend Retreat

About The Event


The upheaval and never-ending uncertainty of the past 18 months have taken a toll in subtle and not-so-subtle ways.

There has been profound change, loss, uncertainty, and fear.

Perhaps you find yourself dreaming of a chance to get away, to clear your head, rest your heart and tend your soul. Not just a vacation, but an intentional “reset” where you can take the time to feel and process your feelings, to regain your footing and restore your spirit.

Autumn's Pause is created to serve that purpose: an intentional time-out, in which we use creative process to honor our losses, harvest our gains, and envision our next steps.

In a word, it's about healing: to gather together in community in order to process and honor our experiences (and especially our losses), to have our stories witnessed and our burdens shared, and to experience the transformation and renewal that comes with taking the time for intentional soul-tending.

We'll be on and off Zoom, weaving back and forth between creating and talking, with the majority of time spent creating. You can choose whether to leave your Zoom or your camera on while creating or not. And of course there will be time for breaks and meals.

You will get the necessary supplies to create your cards, and will only need some glue, scissors, and some old magazines!

There will be a special introductory session for those new to the SoulCollage® process, and plenty of support from me as well as others who have experience.  And “artistic skill” is never a requirement.  In fact,  frquently people who previously thought themselves to be lacking in that particular gene have been deeply moved by discovering just how beautifully they can express themselves through SoulCollage®.


SoulCollage®, developed by therapist and author Seena Frost, offers a tool through which you can access your own intuitive wisdom and hear the voice of your soul. A simple and delightful creative process, SoulCollage can give shape and form to the sacred time you create for yourself in your personal journey to wholeness, and can provide form and structure for journaling, meditation or prayer practices, or even therapy.

SoulCollage requires no artistic experience or talent. All that is necessary is a willingness to be open to the experience. Seemingly by magic, this simple process of cutting and pasting images opens a window into your very soul. By learning a few simple techniques for working with your SoulCollage cards, you are able to access your own intuitive wisdom to gain insight into aspects of your life and your larger life in the world. This will allow you to return to your daily life with a fresh perspective and new internal resources.


Julie Henderson, MS is a Creative Depth Coach and Intuitive Healer who guides women on their journey through the disorienting changes and challenges of midlife. She brings her superpowers of perceptive insight and genuine understanding to her work with women who are dismayed to find themselves in the prime of their lives feeling adrift and unhappy—and secretly worried that it might be too late to make meaningful change.

With a creative and multifaceted approach that honors head, heart, and the creative spirit, she helps women transmute the confusion, pain, and fragmentation of midlife into a renewed sense of clarity, contentment, and vitality, so they can thrive in a life designed on purpose. Julie lives in Columbus, Ohio, and has spoken on professional development and self-care for caregivers, and has facilitated the SoulCollage® process for large and small groups.


  • 1 hour 30 minutes

    Opening Circle


  • 2 hours

    Saturday Morning Session

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