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Will you help us tend Hope Spring's hearth,

our communal hearth?

Cultivating peace through empowered leadership, innovative learning, and personal healing is the vision that guides the work of Hope Springs Institute.

That work begins by tending the hearth of this place, offering warmth and welcome in its spaces and buildings. The care that bakes the bread, sweeps the floors, and replaces the furnace in the studio are all parts of tending the space that foster the safety necessary for healing and growth.

A generous donor has gotten us almost halfway to replacing the furnace in the studio with heaters in each bedroom and redirecting the ducting from the main furnace with a $10,000 donation.  Can the rest of us fill in the gaps with our tending to keep the hearth fires burning?  

The donation amounts to the right are options.  Please enter any amount that is comfortable for you in the box below the suggestions!

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