Hope Springs is a 501c3 Not for Profit Retreat Center in Ohio's Southern Appalachian foothills providing intentional space for mindful, creative and healthy private group retreats. Hope Springs also sponsors profoundly transformational workshops on topics which include women's issues, empowered leadership, and personal growth.

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Giving Tuesday

To the Hope Springs Community,

As we move into this season of thanks and peace, I would like to ask you to consider giving a tax deductible donation to Hope Springs Institute. Given our current world state, now, more than ever, we have a need to promote and support the programs that Hope Springs holds sacred - women's issues, social justice, empowered leadership, and personal growth. 

Hope Springs has undergone profound changes in the last 15 months and she is eager to fully embrace these sacred programs.  I can feel it in the energy of the new and returning people who are coming here, in the new programs that are here, and in the land itself.   I think of the 8 Stages of The Ladies art installation that burned in the Spirit House fire last February, and they remind me that she is ready, too.

The 8th and final one was The WreckThe Wreck – a fragile, beautiful stage poised on the verge of re-birth.  This stage heralds the beginning of a new transition, and so to me, that is the stage Hope Springs was at when I first stepped on her land to assume my new role.  The burning of Spirit House seemed to confirm that view.  But now what I recognize is that we have moved on to The Newborn phase – the phase immediately following The Wreck.  She is still fragile, but with great hope and promise.  In this incarnation, she is just beginning her entire new cycle.  It is an exciting time – a heady time – and one that needs to be nourished with great care and attention.  Like Russian Dolls, she encapsulates each incarnation of the Hope Springs that preceded her and strives to be bigger, larger, better than she knew possible.Newborn

Here’s the thing though – I think we do all know how much greatness Hope Springs holds – we’ve experienced it, seen it in others – and in order to move from The Wreck to The Newborn we are being called to envision a Hope Springs greater than ever, with more capacity to hold people, plan ahead, move forward, generate revenue, create more agents of change and spread peace more widely. 

Specifically, in this fundraising drive, we want to fully fund the repairs of the Studio.  The Spirit House, which we will re-build, likely next spring, will mostly be covered by insurance.  But the Studio needs major repair work.  We have already begun the process thanks to generous donors who have given to this campaign.  We have installed new French drains, new decking, and replaced joist hangers, gutters and downspouts.  Now we need to raise the rest of the funds to complete the repairs.  These repairs include new doors and entry ways for each of the outside entrances, as well as money to create landscaping solutions that will control erosion behind the Studio and conservation landscaping to capture and use storm water runoff.  The solution will not only be practical, but it will be beautiful, provide us a space for a meditation garden, and be in alignment with our values of being stewards of the land.

Our work is more vital than ever for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in our transitioning world.  Can you help us reach our goals by making a

tax-deductible donation?  We have already raised $16,000.  To fully fund the Studio repair will be another $20,000.  All donations are appreciated and will help us move more fully into creating Hope Springs, the place for inner and global peace.

In gratitude,
Jules Myers
Executive Director
Hope Springs Institute

Introduction to Holotropic Breathwork- Interview with Mary Louise Gould

Mary Louise Gould will be facilitating Introduction to Holotropic Breathwork, January 27-29, 2017 at Hope Springs. 

Mary Louise GouldWhat is Holotropic Breathwork?
Holotropic Breathwork is a method for enabling access to the wisdom of the unconscious for increased self-awareness, self-empowerment and healing by using breath, “wrap around” sound, and guidance from the inner healer. Together they move you from your ordinary rational, everyday reality into a state of non-ordinary or expanded consciousness. A session activates your capacity to live more fully, with a deeper understanding and acceptance of yourself, your relationship with others, your place in the world and the inter-connectedness of all life.

How does being at Hope Springs help facilitate this work?

I'm looking forward to this retreat at such a unique center, devoted to human development and global well-being and located in such a beautiful natural setting.  January is an introspective time of year and is perfect for a dive into our interior and to opening to new insights and healing, in a community of like-minded souls.

What can people expect during this workshop?

Holotropic Breathwork is a highly experiential process so a large portion of the weekend (a whole day, in fact) is devoted to the Breathwork experience itself.  Because people will work in pairs, there is a session for each partner -- one in the morning and one in the afternoon, divided by a light lunch. Other than that, to begin and end the weekend there will be an introduction to the purpose, philosophy, and process of Holotropic Breathwork and a follow up reflection on the process. 

When they leave the workshop, what do you want them to take away?

I want participants to go home feeling good about themselves.  The exact experience of each person will vary.  Because it is guided by each person’s inner healer, life-force, psyche, deepest reality, essence, or whatever one wishes to call it, the experience will be an expression of what is best and appropriate that day for that person. It could be something that is about healing biographical material, it could be something about current issues, it could be artistic inspiration, it could be a birth experience, it could be a sense of connection with the animal or natural world, or even the cosmos, or it could be a profound spiritual experience.

On the other hand, some people have an extraordinary experience with and within their bodies alone.  It is not necessarily psychological.  It will depend on the individual’s readiness and need as offered by psyche and her inner wisdom. 

Sometimes something difficult arises, but that is what needs to be healed, and psyche offers it up for healing.  I have never seen anyone harmed by this process.  It is sometimes challenging, even painful, and very often inspiring and opening, but it has never harmed anyone.  So even if you are being called by your inner healer to look at/experience something difficult, some place in you knows that this is the time to do it.   

Mary-Louise Gould, EdM, is certified in Holotropic Breathwork by the Grof Transpersonal Training Program in 1987, Mary-Louise has since offered workshops all over the USA and in Europe in this modality for self discovery and healing, including programs with Stanislov Grof  (creator of Holotropic Breathwork) and Jack Kornfield (founder of Spirit Rock Meditation Center).  Mary-Louise was a practicing LCPC (Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor) for 15 years  (1990 – 2005) where she brought a special devotion to trauma survivors and their recovery.

What People are Saying

The beauty of the people who work here
The Spirit of the Land
The love all around is what makes Hope Springs very special
This was my first time here. I will return.
I felt so loved and cared for in all ways.

~ Retreat attendee

"This experience has has brought me greater clarity and confidence about my life’s purpose – in many ways, on many levels."         

~CKM, Jacksonville, Florida

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