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Proprioceptive Writing

by Jill Morris

In 1996 my dear friend, Ellen, insisted I attend the Proprioceptive Writing workshop at Hope Springs in Peebles, OH. I thought why would I go from southern California to icy cold Peebles in the middle of winter? Where is Peebles anyway?!

I trusted Ellen and what she told me about her experience and decided to go. Thank goodness! Looking back on the 23 years of practicing, I really don’t know where I’d be without it. I have reams of paper on which I have written myself more alive by learning to listen to the wee, small voice within that, when allowed, best guides us all. I have used the practice to face a scary dilemma, advance a creative idea, explore the dimensions of many relationships, and mostly develop a healthy, supportive, and trusting relationship with myself.

Although the practice is writing, it’s equally about the power of listening. The writing process allows me to put aside the noise in my head and get to what’s really in my heart. I have uncovered so many beliefs that have hindered my full expression and participation in life. I have expanded into ways of thinking and being that I did not know were possible. As a result of my own practice, the teaching of the most divine Mary Bok, and the sharing of many women who seek to be fully themselves and have the courage and conviction to live in their own truth, power and love, I am a better person and continue to grow each year.

At 71 years old I feel as young as ever, am excited about the opportunities ahead, and accept that I will be happiest if I play my edge each year. I have the wisdom, tools, and friendships to meet whatever arises. I bow in gratitude to Suzanne who founded Hope Springs and brought Mary to us; to the many women who have enriched my journey; the many people who have served us on our retreats; and to those who have become my fast friends.

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