Online Programs

  • Healing Through the Reset: A Guided Opportunity to Learn Through Your Covid Experience
    Thu, Jan 21
    February 10 - May 19, 6-8 pm CST, Zoom
    Jan 21, 6:30 PM EST – Feb 25, 8:00 PM EST
    February 10 - May 19, 6-8 pm CST, Zoom
    The world is experiencing historical times with the Covid-19 global pandemic. As with any major disruption we have the opportunity to make use of this to understand and improve our lives moving forward. Join us as we work to do just that.
  • Befriending Grief in 2021 ~ Cultivating our Resilience with Loss
    Sun, Jan 24
    Online Zoom Series
    Jan 24, 1:00 PM EST – Dec 05, 4:00 PM EST
    Online Zoom Series
    Grief is at once deeply personal and universally human experience. What might be possible if we release our belief that grief is a problem to overcome… and instead choose to cultivate a respectful, courageous relationship with our own unique landscape of grief? Join us as we explore together.
  • Hope Springs Conscious Café
    Mon, Feb 01
    Zoom Conversation Series
    Feb 01, 7:00 PM EST – Mar 08, 9:00 PM EST
    Zoom Conversation Series
    A 6-week virtual Café. Join us on Monday nights to gather in community to become more consciously aware and ignite positive action to better ourselves and the world.
  • Healing Racism Within My Country, My Community, Myself
    Wed, Feb 10
    6-8 pm CST, 7 Sessions, Zoom
    Feb 10, 6:00 PM CST – May 19, 8:00 PM CDT
    6-8 pm CST, 7 Sessions, Zoom
    In the midst of the chaos, grief and resistance caused by our culture's structural racism, let us join together to make compassionate space to begin healing wounds — both personal and collective. It all starts within. This program is offered by the Women's Leadership Lab.

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