Rediscovering Play:  Inspiration and Joy Through Creative Expression

Thursday, September 12, 2019 – Sunday, September 15, 2019
Arrive at 3pm, before dinner. Depart after lunch.

Tuition: $845 (includes lodging, all meals, supplies, and tuition) Only 20 spaces available.


Rediscovering Play: Inspiration and Joy Through Creative Expression


Whether you are an artist, writer, healthcare professional, board room executive, engineer, or just plain human, creative flow will increase productivity and joy at work and home.

Join us for a nurturing community retreat focused on learning to play together, stimulating creative expression, and having fun! Awaken your inner child. Hope Springs Institute will nurture your body and spirit. Gourmet meals. Comfortable accommodations. Give your mind and body the space to relax.
Come and play. Let your creativity open, your inspiration flow, and your joy radiate.

ACTIVITIES INCLUDE: Finger painting, vision board, creative journaling, internally inspired movement, storytelling, drumming, dancing, free your voice, community circle, talent show, and more…
Come play with us! We are looking for adult kids 18 and older.

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Deb Jewett is a holistic manual therapist. In her private practice, she integrates Craniosacral, meditation, breathe work, energy work and traditional modalities such as massage and movement. Deb also facilitates sessions in a Dreamweaver; a vibroacoustic healing instrument using music, vibration, sacred geometry, and intention. Deb is a licensed massage therapist, certified Healing From the Core presenter and advanced Craniosacral therapy practitioner. Deb’s grounded presence is enhanced by her smile, compassion, and adventurous spirit. Contact Information:

Dr. Joel Ying is a Physician-Educator-Storyteller. As a holistic physician, he integrates modern medicine, herbals, and craniosacral therapy. How does a physician become a storyteller? Finding passion, one story at a time. He believes that storytelling is not just a performance art, but a healing art. Masterfully facilitating workshops, he loves to awaken the healing power of stories in others. With world folk tales and touching personal stories, his storytelling range, like his practice of medicine, bridges the traditional and the modern. Contact Information: