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The Hope Springs Institute International Peace Gathering Continues to Blossom!


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Welcome to GATHERING PEACE - a webspace dedicated to sharing peace-ful information and resources.


We dedicate this inaugural version of the GATHERING PEACE webpage to Rita Jane Andrews, visionary of the International Peace Gathering and Hope Springs Board President, 2008-2010. 

Alexandra Merrill

Her untimely death on September 5, 2010 leaves us in sorrow and remembering that her dream to host the International Peace Gathering came true.  With her ideas and leadership, it was possible for all of us to enter that joyful, and challenging, arena of common concern.  Each of us who attended the gathering, whether we knew her or not, experienced how her peaceful and loving spirit infused Hope Springs with the energy of peace and justice. And with her strong example, we move on with her message deeply rooted in our hearts, our minds, and our souls…





Articles by Rita Andrews

The Mist of Misogyny
Being a One and Only





The Hope Springs Institute International Peace Gathering Continues to Blossom!

Come join us as we fertilize, tend, and grow from the Peace Gathering’s banner of “Planting Seeds of Peace for the Planet” to our new endeavor…GATHERING PEACE, a webpage dedicated to sharing peace-full information and resources.

When we hear the feedback we received about the 2010 Hope Springs Institute International Peace Gathering, it is clear that we succeeded in strengthening our organizational intention to continue to foster peace education and peace activism.  From that initial mustard seed intention of “Planting Seeds of Peace for the Planet,” we now add this new page to our website as a way to move our agenda forward and to keep our web of peacemakers connected.

In this spirit, Hope Springs Institute’s GATHERING PEACE webpage aims to share information about the global peace effort, writings offered by members of the 2010 International Peace Gathering, and news of programs and actions from around the world of which we are aware. 

As we build this page over time, and as suggestions come in from you, our allies, we would like to offer useful and provocative recommendations for further reading, study, and travel on behalf of world peace.


As you read this page and reflect back upon your own experiences while at the Hope Springs International Peace Gathering, please feel free to send us some of your musings, ideas, feelings, questions, soul sparks, memories, gratitudes, anecdotes, or ponderings around the topic of “GATHERING PEACE.”  

We would like for the next evolution of this page to be a collection of your responses to the International Peace Gathering, memories of it, thoughts about its impact on your life, poetry, fiction, images—anything you feel compelled to share.

Please send your offering to Michelle Clonch with the subject line “GATHERING PEACE” by the 2010 Winter Solstice (December 21st).  We will post it, in the New Year, as a seed of peaceful energy…

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