Calling Back the Labyrinth

Calling Back the Labyrinth: Learning from the Land and Working with the Land

April 22-24, 2016

3pm Friday Afternoon to 3pm Sunday Afternoon

Cost: $325

Room, Board and Supplies Included

Near the 16th anniversary of the laying down of the original Hope Springs Labyrinth, we invite you to join us in this workshop and help re-build her. The Hope Springs Labyrinth experienced major destruction due to falling trees and equipment used to remove them. We have let the land rest for nine months as we did ritual to send love and healing energy to this sacred site.  Now we will call her back.

In this workshop we will:

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Suzanne StevensSuzanne Stevens, Founder of Hope Springs Institute. Suzanne is a co-leader of the Hope Springs Women’s Leadership Collaboratives and was part of the team that put down the original Labyrinth. She is committed to working with the land, listening to the land, as she collaborates on sacred installations at Hope Springs.




Jules MyersJules Myers, Executive Director of Hope Springs Institute. Jules was a participant of the Hope Springs Women’s Leadership Collaborative.  She believes that the earth is calling us to learn from nature and apply these lessons in practical ways to our organizations, our groups, and ourselves.